By Polar_Bear
In Dark Age
Apr 22nd, 2014

CoolMiniOrNot has the April releases for Dark Age now posted up.


From the post:

The Fire Caste finishes its march to war, and the CORE drum up some support!
More to come soon, players!!

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  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    wish there would be more European stockist,awesome Game nonetheless

    • Major_Gilbear

      I think Wayland Games has just started carrying it.


      Ultimately though, you need to email stores and ask them if they will stock it; DA has already failed to sell very well in the UK a few times in the past, and as a result many game stores are a bit wary of giving it another go unless they know that there are customers that want to buy it.

      • mathieu

        It’s not like it is so widespread in the US either. I regularly travel across the country and always find time to stop by the LGS’s, I’ve hardly ever seen it stocked, let alone played. This is one of these games that repeatedly thought had died, yet that keeps coming up with awesome miniatures…