Spud Tate reviews Broken Toad Pigments from Artisan Quarters

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Jan 10th, 2014
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Larry over at Spud Tate takes a look at the Broken Toad Pigments from Artisan Quarters in his latest video review.


From the video:

With just going live with there new store. Here is quick review of there new pigments. They are very nice to work with. Please check out this quick review.
Thank you

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  • mathieu

    I don’t know anything more about these pigments after watching the review than I do by checking out the Artisan Quarters website. How do they mix in water? Alcohol? How do they behave (dry or wet)? What “other stuff” have you actually used that these are finer than?

    I’m glad to hear about a new product but come on, there’s so much more to say in a review than just how much it costs and show us a finished test model with them.

    Also 30ml for 3£ isn’t really a lot more than you get with all the other pigments out there. Vallejo also is 30ml and slightly cheaper (US prices), Warpigs is only 20ml but also $3 a pot…