Sprue Grey posts review of BPLaser Multi-Use Building

Sprue Grey takes a look at the Multi-Use Building from BPLaser and gives you their thoughts on the subject.

From the review:

BP Laser, a Queensland based company, produces high quality, laser cut MDF terrain for use in tabletop wargames and they are serious about the quality of scenery that they sell. Their terrain fits really well with science fiction skirmish games like Infinity. We’ve had a look at some of their terrain in the past (and even played Infinity on it!)

It was only recently that I have finally got my hands on a set of the scenery and am really impressed with it. My favourite feature of the Multi Use Building is undeniably the roller doors that actually work! The Multi Use Building makes use of “living hinge” to create the roller doors. This is a first for terrain makers! BP Laser are also the first company to make working extension ladders and extension bridges that actually extend!

  • Nightbee

    I really, really like that BPLaser stuff, just can’t convince myself to take on the expense.

  • maestro

    Use it, love it. Some of the best sci mdf on the market. I’ve also got this building, and the grill which also uses the bendy mdf, and it’s an amazing concept.

  • Heble

    In case anyone’s sitting on the fence about ordering gear and is worried about shipping, our shipping deal is still in effect.
    If you buy 4.5 -5 kilos of product, we will ship anywhere in the world for $50 AUD including insurance.

    I realize that running a sale on weight is a little difficult, but this is the easiest way to calculate around Aust post!
    In the product descriptions, you will find accurate weights in grammes that you can use to calculate a total.
    If your total falls between 4.5 and 5 kilos, you will automatically get the discount at the checkout.

    As for overall product prices, I believe that we are comparable to any MDF scenery manufacturer in the world and on average I think that we provide more value for dollar.

    We have also striven to set a extremely high quality standard which we do not comprise on.

    If you have any questions about ordering or just about our products in general, please email me at bplaser@internode.on.net

    • Nightbee

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to indicate that it’s a bad value. I’ve seen some of your stuff in person, and it’s really nice. The cost is just more than I can afford to pay to buy terrain for a game that I don’t manage to play very often.

  • Heble

    Thanks Nightbeee, I apologize if I came off as preachy, i understand your position completely. 🙂