Splintered Light preview Dwarf miniatures

Splintered Light Miniatures have posted photos of several new 15mm Dwarf miniature releases they will soon be adding to their online store.

Dwarf Bondi

From their website:

Over the next few days I will be showing the washed versions of the new packs coming soon.  Today I will showcase the first 6 of what will be an extensive dwarf line, sculpted by Wiff Waff.  These little guys are the same size as the dark dwarves Sandy Garrity did a few years ago and will fit in well with the rest of the 15/17mm lines I have.

  • Dwarf Personalities
  • Dwarf Bondi Command
  • Dwarf Huscarl Command
  • Dwarf Bondi
  • Dwarf Huscarls
  • Dwarf Crossbows