Spirit of Rebellion Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Spirit of Rebellion, the first expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, is now available at your local gaming shops. Bring new characters to your games and load them up with new weapons and abilities. Will you fight for the Light or the Dark side?

From the release:

The Spirit of Rebellion permeates every part of the galaxy. From bounty hunters lurking in shady cantinas to rebel soldiers battling on the front lines of galactic conflicts. From Jedi Knights battling against tyranny to Sith Lords forging their own path. Now, Star Wars™: Destiny players can join the fight themselves; Spirit of Rebellion is now available at your local retailer!

As a new expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, Spirit of Rebellion introduces 160 new cards into the collectible dice game for every color, including characters from Rogue One!


  • dootdootbeep

    Available in the sense that retailers have opened their lots and are selling singles for a huge markup.

    • Michael Dee

      Don’t buy singles then?

      • dootdootbeep

        I won’t, but that’s not my point. You can’t buy packs online anywhere but those same retailers sure have a ton of singles available.

        • Ghool

          Doesn’t this always happen when a collectible game gets popular? Some of the first sets cost a mint to get hold of.
          It is FFG though. If you just wait a bit there will be too many of them….

        • Michael Dee

          Don’t buy online then?

          • odinsgrandson

            That works if you’re fortunate enough to have a Friendly and Local game shop.

            He might have a long drive to the nearest GS, and it might be staffed by people he doesn’t want to work with.

      • Davos Seaworth

        I think the point is that many who managed to get the limited inventory have decided to make a mint by simply opening the sealed product and selling the contents as singles. Thus leaving even less available at retail in booster or grav feed box form.