Spirit Drinking Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Spirit is a new drinking card game that’s up on Kickstarter. They’re looking to break one of the stigmas of drinking games in that they have designed the game to be deeply tactical. How you’re supposed to retain your tactical thinking when you’re half a bottle into the game, I don’t exactly know. But seeing as I’m a teetotaler, and have never been drunk, I’ll never quite get it.

In the game, you’re looking to eliminate your opponent’s “life shots” (by making them drink them, of course). You do this by playing cards from your hand. Cards you play have their own cost. This comes from casual drinking of your own drink, or possibly even one of your own “life shots.” Last one left with shots (or possibly just still upright) is the winner.

The Kickstarter campaign’s up and running now and is set to go for another 25 days.


  • Scott Walker

    On the Kickstarter page it has full rules for none-alcoholic play and it can be played with both at the same time.
    Casual drink something you like
    Life shot something you don’t like.

    • Kikojui Frary
      • Yes, just like the “Source” link in the article. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Also, it seems like non-drinkers are still being a bit punished in this. I mean, someone who drinks can take a shot of something they like, but is just kinda strong. But a teetotaler such as myself needs to drink… what? … pickle juice? Onion water? Soy sauce? o,O

        Unless actually drinking alcohol is like drinking the above… in which it just makes me wonder why the hell people do that sort of thing. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Kikojui Frary

          My mistake, didn’t see the source link! Haha!

          Shots of alcohol are, when neat, for most people unpleasant so that is where the parallel lies, where as in this you could (in my case) change my life shots to pomegranate juice (I don’t think it needs to be as extreme as soy sauce or pickle juice hahaha!!)

          • But… I like pomegranate juice. O,o

            Maybe my Life Shots would be diet, caffeine free Mt. Dew. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Rae

      This is good for me as I can’t drink and often feel silly and left out at parties when the drinking games are started!