Spellcrow presents Hobgoblin Mage

Spellcrow presents their new Hobgoblin Mage.

From their announcement:

We present you a new model for Evil party – Hobgoblin Mage. Of course, hobgobiln is for Anarchists, also 🙂 From today You can buy it as presale in special price!!! Model will be sending to buyers after 15 March. Hobgoblin have four elements and will by in metal. Sculpted by Piotr Pirianowicz
What do You think about our new figurine?

  • Shades

    Beautiful work and incredible detail by an obviously talented hand, but perhaps a bit overwrought, i.e. too many ideas and too much detail crammed into one mini. Just my opinion, mind you. Again, lots of respect for the talent.

  • cama

    I agree with the first comment – clearly top-of-the-game sculpting and beautiful mini, but just too much going on.

  • Orca

    Love him!

  • Perhaps losing the candle and inkwell/feather on the horns would make this a much more eye-pleasing model- not counting the crafting and skill it took to make, of course.