Specialist Military Publishing Posts Future War Commander Price Slashed

Specialist Military Publishing has slashed the price of Future War Commander while supplies last:

From their website:

The cost of Future War Commander is now down to just £12.50 (£7.50 cheaper than the original price of £20). While stocks last.

  • Great, I am buying.

  • blackfang

    Meh. It’s a WW2 ruleset with lasers tacked on. And the WW2 ruleset was an ancients ruleset with tanks tacked on in the first place.

  • Cherno

    Could you elaborate on the specific problems you see with the rule system? I own BKC 1st edition, never played it though. I wonder if I should keep an eye on this game system.

    • blackfang

      I think the system itself is pretty neat, in all honesty. But it’s an ancients system at heart (Warmaster, to be exact) and doesn’t feel like sci-fi at all. It has some fancy unit abilities, but that’s it. No consideration at all is made regarding the evolution of warfare, tactics and strategy.

      As a contrast, I find the rules in Tomorrows War to be fairly lame and the US army fanwank insufferable, but it goes to great lengths to deal with those issues and is a must-read for anyone wanting to play near future hard sci-fi.

  • Cherno

    Well Tomorrow’s War is more focused on platoon-style actions from what I understand, so I guess FWC scraps most of the era-specific detail for faster gameplay with bigger armies ?

    • blackfang

      Actually it’s the ancients-level command structure that bogs it down together with a wonky activation system. Basically, each model can activate individually and several times per turn, with cumulative penalties. So you have to keep track of how many times you’ve activated each individual model. Not great for large games.

      • You would be mad to do it per individual model as once a command group fails its command roll, then it cannot attempt to activate further units. So the usual practice is to activate groups of models (in order to have a decent effect on the enemy) and my fellow club members and I have never had problems remembering what we have activated earlier.