Spearpoint 43 Deck Suggestions and Errata

Collins Epic Wargames have posted some suggested decks for their Spearpoint 43 WWII card game and also posted an errata document.

From their announcement:

Spearpoint 1943 Starting Deck Suggestions
For a quick-start into Standard games of Spearpoint 1943, check out these eight deck suggestions from Collins Epic Wargames.  Each suggested deck is composed of a variety of units and includes strengths, weaknesses, and a suggested starting hand.  Download the PDF (Direct Link to PDF)
Spearpoint 1943 Errata Sheet
Spearpoint 1943 has one known misprint that affects the German Unit “8cm Mortar Squad”.  A PDF has been uploaded to document this misprint in the Spearpoint 1943 Downloads Section on frontlinegeneral.com.  Download the PDF (Direct Link to PDF)

Coming Soon – New Situation “Man vs. Beast”
A new Situation for Spearpoint 1943 is currently undergoing testing and will be uploaded to the site for free once playtesting is complete.  This situation “Man vs. Beast” is a tough one for the US – pitting an all-infantry (and one AT Gun) reserves force against a Tiger tank.  As the tank enters a partially-ruined village along with German infantry, dug in US infantry using buildings and ruins for cover have to figure out how to take it down.  This fun situation features intact and ruined buildings that provide cover along a village road, snipers, building-clearing rules, and more.  And oh yeah, that Tiger can fire at intact buildings and take them down.
Coming Soon – Origins Report via Blog
Soon, we’ll provide a full report with photos from our booth at Origins, which was a blast and a great success for us.  To follow Byron’s publishing blog, please head here: CEW Publishing Blog (Direct Link to blog)
New Video Reviews – Now on Youtube
Two new videos have been linked from our reviews section on frontlinegeneral.com.  Adam Chance (Chance of Gaming podcast) uploaded an “Unboxing video” and Lance Richardson did a nice overview / video review of the game.  Click here to check out these videos.