Spartan US pricing for July 2011 releases

By tgn_admin
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Jun 10th, 2011

Thanks to Chris at E-Figures for this list of US prices for the recently announced July 2011 releases for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada.

  • DWBS09 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Kitsune class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWBS10 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Yurgi class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWBS11 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Hachiman class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWBS22 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Taka Ishi Heavy Walker (1) $21.49
  • DWBS23 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Chi Ri Class Medium Tank (6) 1.49
  • DWBS24 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Ho I Class Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWBS25 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Ke Ho Class Small Tank (20) 11.49
  • DWFS09 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Springfield class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWFS10 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Guilford class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWFS11 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Enterprise class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWFS22 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Washington Class Land Ship (1) $21.49
  • DWFS23 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Trenton Class Medium Tank (6) $11.49
  • DWFS24 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Yorktown Class Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWFS25 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Pioneer Class Small Tank (20) $11.49

  • DWKB09 Dystopian Wars: Brittania Bastion class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWKB10 Dystopian Wars: Brittania Orion class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWKB11 Dystopian Wars: Brittania Majesty class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWKB22 Dystopian Wars: Brittania Sovereign Class Land Ship (1) $21.49
  • DWKB23 Dystopian Wars: Brittania MKII Class Medium Tank (6) $11.49
  • DWKB24 Dystopian Wars: Brittania Cromwell Class Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWKB25 Dystopian Wars: Brittania Terrier Class Small Tank (20) $11.49
  • DWPE09 Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire Wachter class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWPE10 Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire Stolz class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWPE11 Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire Blucher class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWPE22 Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire A9-V Sturmpanzer Land Ship (1) $21.49
  • DWPE23 Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire A6-V Class Medium Tank (6) $11.49
  • DWPE24 Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire B3-S Medium Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWPE25 Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire Walze Class Small Tank (20) $11.49
  • FAAT04 Firestorm Armada: Xelocian Karn Class Frigate (4) $23.99
  • FAAT05 Firestorm Armada: Xelocian Hantari Class Cruiser (2) $27.99
  • Paconious

    Wait, that seems off…

    In a land starter box you get:
    a Land ship – $21.49
    6 Medium Tanks – $11.49
    3 Bombards – $5.75 ($11.49 ÷ 2)
    10 Small Tanks – $5.75 ($11.49 ÷ 2)

    That comes out to $44.48. The starter set is MSRP at $49.99. That doesn’t seem right. . .

    • Zac

      Starter comes with tokens?

      • Paconious

        It does not, at least the box I got.

        • Paconious

          I assumed you meant tiny flyer tokens, and not the cardboard cut out tokens. That it did come with.

          • Zac

            I meant the cardstock tokens

  • It really bothers me that I see this sort of release for Dystopian Wars and the releases for Uncharted Seas dwindling.

    • PanzerKraken

      Yea US has really gotten the shaft. It really feels like Spartan is stretching themselves too thing with 3 game systems for a company their size and then they got another game system in the works as well and some other projects too.

    • Zac

      Most companies don’t have this many games. And even PP stops and starts production of Warmachine or Hordes to focus on the other game when there is a release coming out.

      How much additional material could they come out with for US though? Aside new factions.

      • Riquende

        Well the mercenary & fortification rules have been in production for well over 6 months now, without making an appearance. There are still profiles in the rulebook with no models (some Ralgard, the flying Griffon). There are ship classes coming out for DW that have no equivalent in US (escorts, dreadnoughts), so there’s some manoeuvre for scale there.

        Besides, I’m sure we’re all aware that games require at least a trickle of new releases every month or so to keep the majority interested. Our local group have managed to play the current ship lineup to death (with 2 fleets each), so have moved on. Last time we did that it was about 18 months before we came back to the game.

      • PanzerKraken

        Finishing up the Sky Pirates which they intended to make a full faction out of and then we only got a little bit of stuff for. Merc stuff and in general it would seem nice to have a game get some continued support in general all around. I doubt they are planning on just stopping US and saying the game is “done and complete, nothing more needed”.

        Even PP will still put out figs for it’s other game when one product is getting its development/production cycle, and they are a much larger game. Spartan is obviously a much smaller operation and are stretched kind of thin and they got a forth big game in the works with Firestorm Invasion, and they were talking about so many other future projects. Firestorm Armada has gotten a bit more releases than US has but that game also has gotten a bit shafted in releases since DW came out and it has lot of stuff to still release.

  • elril

    Spartan seems to suffer from gamer ADD. That said, are their models listed in the books that aren’t out for US yet Neo?

    • Hisst Ka

      So it Looking forward to playing DW. We play some US (I have 4 fleets). I just bought 3 starters of DW for us to try.