Spartan Games wants your help in designing new ships for Firestorm Armada

Spartan Games is taking the word to the community and looking for your guy’s input into making some new ships for Firestorm Armada.
You can comment on the Spartan page or The Black Ocean’s page (that’s where the links go from here).

From the announcement:

Are you a Firestorm Armada fan? Do you want to help design our next set of models for the six major races? Then head on over the Spartan Games Community and The Black Ocean Facebook Page to see how you can get involved.

  • 4tonmantis

    Would be awesome if they would ..I dunno.. hire designers?
    I guess that doesn’t make sense though when fans will do it for free..

    • cybogoblin

      They have designers, they’re just busy working on the 17-18 other games the company is currently working on.

      • Soulfinger

        Plus then you would never see my Aquan Prime Septic Barge, which transports human waste from one planet to another and serves no military purpose. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure why they would need to transport human waste. Back to the drawing board!

        • Say – does your Aquan Prime Septic Barge per chance utilize the urns and pots of sewage from the deluxe gaming board?

          • Soulfinger

            No. That’s fantasy sewage. This is sci-fi sewage. There are less otyugh, and you have to sculpt in all of the flushed condoms and tampons.

          • That was kind of my beef with the deluxe board as well – the suggested depiction of sewage lacked the details you mentioned. Also – being sci-fi sewage I can accept they have something that replaces condoms and tampons, however – it still gets flushed so that could be a design competition in and of itself. “We want you to design the sewage waste of the future”…

        • cama

          What a crappy release that would be! Number 2 on my all time worst list!

          Pull my soulfinger!

          Packed for the roadtrip yet?