Spartan Games taking pre-orders for December releases including Firestorm Armada 2.0 hardcover

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 3rd, 2013

Spartan Games is taking down names of those gamers who want their December releases as soon as they’re available. Biggest among the list is the Firestorm Armada 2.0 hardcover rulebook.


From the announcement:

If you’re a Firestorm Armada enthusiast its time to get excited for the all-new
2.0 Hardback Rulebook, marking a coming of age for a game that has swept across gaming tables since its debut in 2009.

For Dystopian Wars we have the Kingdom of Denmark, a nation with a long and proud history of excelling at naval warfare, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, with aerial forces as deadly as they are impressive. Also check out the new Harbour and Landing Field Sets, adding plenty of character to your gaming table.

Spartan Scenics gets 4 new and highly modular accessory packs crammed with high-quality resin terrain and live edge acrylic, giving you even more ways to theme your Spartan Scenics terrain.

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  • Calculon

    While I’m excited for new Firestorm Armada starter fleets, boxes and a cleaned up rule set, I also know I just bought a new hardcover rulebook in 2012. What have they learned in that time?

    • Grindar

      In the latest edition you can expect to see: more distinct playstyles across the core factions; greater racial tactical diversity (including new ‘Tactical Ability Cards’); Tactical Strikes to take out key systems on an enemy vessel; faster and deadlier rules for Carriers and their Short Range Spacecraft; new Fleet Building systems (presenting you with even more options and tactics); rules for dynamic moving Terrain; smoother Boarding Assault rules and brand new Weapon Types to crush your enemies!

      According to their website.

  • Major_Gilbear

    I really like Spartan’s models, even if some of the earlier resins had issues (i.e., coming broken in the box or the parts not fitting, etc). However, the haphazard way that they support their games, and release the models, has been a major turn-off for me. The re-releases of stuff at the wrong times also burns folks – who may have waited for ages to get a re-printed rulebook, only to have it invalidated by a new one shortly after. Uncharted seas just sank like a stone in our group after a few games, and it’s a huge shame – they were lovely models and the game had the seeds of something great IMO.

    • Riquende

      Yeah, I can’t support Spartan anymore. Still have my two US fleets but the way that game was treated (1 release per faction in a period of at least 1 year, then a massive relaunch where they just expected me to buy the exact same ships I already owned) gave me too bad an impression.

      Also, I reckon that the renaissance of Firestorm (which seemed to be heading down the same dark alley as Uncharted Seas not too long ago) has been started to try and capture the disgruntled BFG players since Specialist Games’ demise.

  • Marauder

    I can’t fault them for updating their rules… it certainly was the number one complaint I’ve heard about Firestorm Armada – such great models but let down by the rules. Sounds like they’ve done some major improvements – I’ll pick up the rules just cause I seem to collect all sorts of space combat rules – if they are good enough I might be tempted to pick up a fleet (which I can also use for other space games…).