Spartan Games shows off Titanic for Dystopian Wars

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 17th, 2012

Spartan Games has the new Olympic Class Troop Transport, based off the original designs of that most fateful of ships, the RMS Titanic.

From the release:

The Olympic Liner is one of the largest passenger ships ever created. Built at the massive Proctor & Mercer Shipyards in Middlesbrough, in the North East of Britannia, these impressive vessels have carried people over the seas in style since 1861. Proctor & Mercer built and sold over 30 of these majestic vessels around the world; every nation clambering to own and operate their own fleet of luxury cruise liners. One of the main selling points is the advanced technological design, and claimed robustness of the ship’s hull.

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  • Harq Obispal

    Nice model, must check out Distopian Wars at Salute, if they’re there. Oh, pedantic I know, but it’s RMS Titanic, not HMS. She was merchant, not naval.

  • keltheos

    I’m still not sure what use this would possibly have in the game. Since there’s no scenarios in the book there’s no need for an ‘escort the troop ship’ ship.

    • trajan

      So, make one up. Surely, you don’t need everything handing to you on a plate. They’ve provided you with a great model. Now it’s time for your imagination to take over;-)

  • keltheos

    Yeah, I do. I have quite a few game systems I play and I don’t always have time to make up rules for a ship I don’t need to buy. I saw the release and could only think ‘what’s the point?’.

    That’s the biggest gripe we have about DW, the lack of scenarios other than ‘shoot stuff’ in the book. Surely they could have included a couple. 😉

  • Borzag

    So when do Covenant of Antarctica get the accompanying Iceberg?

  • papasmrf667

    Haha the covenant should get the iceberg. If they don’t though, the point of this is to play off the titanic craze.. lame, whats up with people paying way too much to see old movies, I guess that’s for a different site.