Spartan Games releases Dystopian Wars 1.1 Rulebook

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 22nd, 2012

Arr! Spartan Games has the Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1 rulebook now for sale!


Spartan Games is selling the updated version of their Dystopian Wars rulebook. There’s also a .pdf with all the updates that is free to download, and will be available in March for hobby shops to hand out.

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  • tuco

    Maybe they could include the mercenary sub with every rulebook as a way to make it so those of use who bought the book over the less than a year since it released won’t feel like we’re being pinched.

    • tuco

      Sorry, just over a year since it released.

  • Why break a successful habit? They did exactly the same with Unchartered Seas…

  • @tuco: They’re giving existing players an updated A5 rulebook for free. See here:

    • Grim6

      Why let facts get in the way of some good old fashioned self-righteous indignation?

      I have to say Spartan Games is doing an awesome job with this update. Much better than any other company I’ve purchased from before. Free PDF + free A5 booklet is amazing.

      I do hope they sell the Mercenary sub soon, as I’d liek to pick up one of those as well!

      • tuco

        Hey, if I can’t get only partial information and have a knee-jerk reaction on the internet, where can I?

        The link provided above by Freylis would have been a really good one to include in the original news article.

        I’ll most likely buy the new copy because I’m like that, but I still have a problem on some level that a new version of the rulebook is coming out so soon after the initial release.

        • Grim6

          With all the rules changes, most people were clamoring for a new book. Getting an update book for free is, to the best of my knowledge, unheard of. And having the rules book available in PDF is pretty rare as well, especially for major wargames.

          I can understand being disgruntled about the rules changes (or, more accurately, the need for them in the first place), but I can’t understand being upset about how Spartan is handling this.

          • tuco

            And it is that need for updating the rules that I find bothersome.

            If there is such a clamor for rules updates/reworking/rewording, perhaps the rulebook should have spent more time in the play-testing/editing phase.

        • It says you can get a free updated rulebook in the text of the news article.

  • Those etched clear acrylic markers are a great idea for showing a submerged object!

  • Osbad

    Now if only they released the rules updates as a separate, free PDF, so that those of us who bought the 1st edition could gain the benefits of the new rulebook without paying a penny…. oh wait!