Spartan Games release details

Spartan Games have updated their Coming Soon page with photos and details of their next releases for Uncharted Seas and Firestorm:Armada.

From their website:

Our next release for the Uncharted Seas brings you five new ship models: (1) Shroud Mages Flagship, (2) Shroud Mages Heavy Cruiser, (3) Bone Griffons Flagship, (4) Bone Griffons Heavy Cruiser and (5) Thaniras Elves Heavy Cruiser. We launched these new models to our sales partners around the world early in February and we will begin shipping to them on February 24th – so get your pre-orders in and be one of the first players to field these exciting new vessels in the Uncharted Seas.

You can expect to see these new models in our own online store on February 12th for pre-order directly from us, with us shipping on the week commencing March 8th.

Our first upgrade releases for Firestorm Armada will be announced shortly. The first Wave will see Escorts arrive for each of the first four races, along with three generic Civilian Vessels: Gas Mining Vessel, Cargo Freighter and Liner. The Escorts will be sold in a blister with 6 Models and 6 Flight Stands. Following these models will be Heavy Cruisers and then the Directorate will enter the war. More images and launch information to follow.