Spartan Games previews Aquan Prime vehicles artwork

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 23rd, 2013

Spartan Games is showing off some concept art for the Aquan Prime faction for Firestorm Armada.


From the preview:

Being primarily comprised of species that dwell underwater, the forces of the Aquan Prime were always going to have a very unique look. Combined with the extensive role that genetic manipulation plays in their technology, the Aquan vehicles feel very different to anything else we have shown you so far.

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  • Lemminkaeinen

    The lizard skin pattern is extremely clever for aquatic race’s tank plating. Very cool!

    • 4tonmantis

      really? I thought it looked like some old artisan bread.. or.. like maybe the sculptor had some shells leftover from Red Lobster and decided to get creative..

  • phoenixman

    i agree they look nice but thought this was a space based game???

    • Paconious

      It’s a spin-off game from their space game, Firestorm Armada. Think of it akin to GW’s Epic 40K compared to Battle Fleet Gothic.

    • P-ko

      There’s a tiny mistake in the news- the models are for Firestorm Invasion: Planetfall, a 10mm game (out of 15mm and 28mm planned versions too, but who knows when those will be released if at all) to be land counterpart to Firestorm Armada.

      • Paconious

        I noticed the type in the article too. I think spartan is probably going to shelf the 15mm game, as it would be no different than the 10mm game, but I would tend to beleive they are working on a 28mm (or 32mm as Dystopian Legions would show), game as they have come out with terrain for it, and have pictures of 28mm (or 32mm, I can’t tell) models with the terrain.