Spartan Games posts up new releases for Dystopian Wars

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 30th, 2012

Spartan Games gives us a look at their new releases for Dystopian Wars (and there are a LOT of ’em!).

From them to you:

Here at Spartan Games we’ve had a fantastic response to the introduction of the Republique of France to Dystopian Wars, and our next release brings more upgrade models to significantly increase players’ options when building a French fleet.

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  • Absolutionis

    There are a lot of them because every cookie-cutter faction is basically the same with minor stat tweaks. Give it enough time and Spartan Games will start to neglect Dystopian Wars in favor of another new franchise. At best, they’ll continue to neglect every other faction and produce a dozen new factions.

    • BaconSlayer

      They have pretty much admitted that with all the other countries they list in the Dystopian Wars world.

    • cama

      You, sir, are a bundle of joy and optimism. I demand you change your avatar to be more glum to reflect who you really are.

  • CplHicks

    Wow, what a heap of negativity. So far the support Spartan has given DW is absolutely fine imho. All factions have all their current units released in a timely fashion (the last a year after release iirc) with actually two additional factions released in this time frame besides the original 4. The rulebook has been revamped but much for the better and everybody is able to upgrade their rules, too. The new book is even released with a hefty discount. The other systems have picked up pace in releases again as well, US even being completely revamped modelwise and thus actually starting to be interesting for me in the first place. So to summarize, I do not agree with you at all.

    To the differences between factions this is a matter of taste. I play Flames of War and the basic characteristics of troops are quite similar too yet the differences in detail and extra rules make for a nice variety in the game. So each to their own I guess. I like how DW plays a lot and am in the process of choosing my first faction.

    • CplHicks

      This was amined at Absolutionis post 30.3., 5:35. It seems I am too dumb to post properly. ^^

    • Absolutionis

      It’s because they haven’t started to neglect Dystopian Wars yet. Are Uncharted Seas players having fun? Will Dystopian Wars players be having fun when Firestorm Invasion comes out and they release a couple dozen factions for it? I thought of starting Uncharted Seas until I realized it’s just another exploding-sixes game to be neglected in Spartan’s repertoire.

      • CplHicks

        It seems to me that US-players have plenty of material to go around so I suppose they have plenty of fun. I see no reason why not. I have to admit though that I dont know how completely the factions were released. I hope this is addressed now that the line is revamped if not so far. For DW I can safely say that with what has been released so far I will have plenty of fun in the future. All options we know about in the rules so far have been released or are in the process to. I rather like the limit of width in the individual ranges as this allows me to completely collect a faction and not be behind with buying models.

        You seem to have been burned by their earlier approach to things (fair enough, happened to me too with e.g. Warzone). Still, now is now and Spartan seems to have learned some things. You might try to just wait a bit longer to see whether you can trust them now or whether you have been proven right. It took me a year to see whether they progress well enough on the DW front and I now feel safe enough to give them a try.

  • Paconious

    Cookie cutter? How do you figure? Because they all have the same classes of ship? Would it be better if one faction didn’t have one of the classes? Is WHFB cookie cutter because they all have lords, heroes, core, special, and rare? I think the MARs and stat tweaks make each nation play VASTLY differently. As for neglecting every other faction, they all got EVERYTHING that was in the main rule book in a year and a half (not a small feat). What would you add?

    • Piston Honda

      Class has nothing to do with cookie cutter. It’s the design of the ships which is my only complaint about their games.

      By cookie cutter he means Spartan Games basically uses the same cad file for ships and just change size.

      This is true for the first box sets for nations. Though the ships are creative, there is not much effort put into them from frigate to cruiser to battleship. The frigate looks like a “mini-me” of the battleship. Seems rather lazy. Firestorm Armada has some similar issues.

      As they increased the range the style changed up a bit.

      As fan of Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas, I can attest to being left in the dust. Uncharted Seas had a lot of attention when it first came out. The FSA came out and it got less attention.

      Then DW came out and FSA received less attention.

      Spartan Games will be releasing the 28mm land version of Uncharted Seas (think it is called Uncharted isles) and eventually their land version of Firestorm Armada

      This will obvious hinder any form of regular releases for DW. Spartan Games has proven they can produce great quality miniatures, very durable and quite possibly the best price tag in the market.

      What they have trouble doing is having consistent releases for all their games.

      Uncharted Seas is suffering from “self cannibalization” 🙁

      • corsair117

        They’ve addressed this issue (to anyone who asked), it’s not ‘neglect’ it’s the simple fact that of their three games DW is the most popular BY FAR.

        Spartan is a small company they don’t have the resources of companies like GW and have to choose where their manpower goes, since DW is the big money maker for them right now guess where they focus their attention.

        Both FA and UCS have gotten new releases, with UCS being the least popular and thus getting the least attention ( I have fleets for all three games, I would like constant new releases for all of them but that’s not realistic), there was even a new bunch of releases earlier this month across all three lines.

        • Urlock Gaur

          I agree. DW creates more capital for the company so that they can invest in the games that aren’t as popular.

        • blkdymnd

          It’s unfortunate that basically US and FSA were beta tests for the real game I think they wanted to release.