Spartan Games posts Dystopian Legions QSR online

Spartan Games has put the Dystopian Legions Quick Start Rules up on their website for your downloading and reading enjoyment.

From the website:

From supplementary fast-play rules to new tokens and races, here you will find all the materials you need to keep waging your battles!

  • Mooniac

    Why is it i won’t bother with this game in spite of the fact that I love the theme, the world, the fluff, and without looking can predict awesome figures? Because I can also predict all their screw ups in advance. So can they.

    That’s why the free QSR. It’s a brilliant move because they KNOW they can’t get the rules right without three tries, so a free QSR means players can start collecting figs and painting and V1 can hopefully be a playable system. Kudos for for self knowledge and good judgement. And before I get to the whinging, nice FAQs.

    OTOH, I also predict they will bite off more than they can chew, won’t be able to come close to meeting demand before they make some other big release, won’t properly test for balance and won’t even test with the rules they publish? Every local game store stopped carrying all of Spartan games and Spartan doesn’t seem to care or know. Leagues are not supported, and frankly it’s hard to find a game. It’s special order only now after three big starts all leading to disappointed players who mostly gave up in frustration.

    Spartan really needs to slow down the new stuff machine and spend more time figuring out how to better support their players and stores. They aren’t dense, they seem to be really smart in most ways, which is why it makes me think they don’t care.

    In fact, this is a theme with a lot of game makers. They all need to get out there and talk more with stores and players. Steve Jackson seems to be one of the only ones doing this.

  • ater daeus

    As someone who works for a game store, I agree. Too much new stuff for a game that hardly anyone plays.

  • Soulfinger

    I have one fleet of ships for Firestorm Armada. Isn’t that enough? I don’t understand the complaints that Spartan isn’t putting out enough stuff for any given product line. One ship a year works great for me. I don’t need every game to be WH40k with mounds o’ minis. Sure, their rule sets are faulty, but c’mon, have you played Rogue Trader? Remember the old rules for shuriken catapults? It took GW six editions and 25 years to get where it is now with countless faulty, unbalanced rules along the way. Sorry that Spartan doesn’t love you, but they aren’t that much different from any other company.

    • Mooniac

      If you are responding to me, you don’t understand my complaint at all. I say the produce too many SKUs while not meeting demand for the one’s released already. We had players waiting for released models and unreleased, but in the rule book models, and they decide it’s time to spend their time on resculpts of another line? Huh?

      • Soulfinger

        I guess I still don’t get it. Are you talking about them not putting out all of the units described in the rulebooks for their games before going back and redoing the models for Uncharted Seas or Firestorm Armada? Also, that released units are frequently not stocked at the manufacturer level? That sort of thing is nothing new to me. It seems like every miniatures game that I have ever played has things in the rulebook that don’t have associated models, minis that aren’t in the rulebook, and vital components that are apparently out of print while they are at work on a new version with a TBA release date. All that just sounds like GW back when I first started playing.

        • keltheos

          And that makes it okay? Because other companies have issues with it these guys can as well?

        • Mooniac

          Yep, and I agree with Keltheos. Let me tell you the fallout.

          Several players gave up trying to get the basic units and didn’t build their armies. They quit. DW failed utterly at one local store, and customers who had bought into Firestorm, AT 43, and then DW, only to see the games never get off the ground stopped buying new systems and constantly used that as a reason why. Warmachine then failed there and the store is now gone. Not all Spartans fault, for sure, but they helped. Another local store had 3/4 of the players quit and that store also stopped stocking any Spartan stuff. The owner still complains about how they sent out coupons that they didn’t honor so he made zero on the new rule books.

          This type of nonsense trains customers in all the wrong ways.

        • Mooniac

          BTW, when there is known demand for a model you already build, and you switch to a new release, you aren’t making a good long term decision.

          • Soulfinger

            Hunh. I guess I just got used to representations. I have fifty plastic Elmo models that work for most models. Some games, I have to sculpt the models myself. I always saw it as part of the hobby.