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Aug 25th, 2017

Well, this seems a bit sudden. But Spartan Games has posted a statement on their website that they will be closing.

The Spartan Games website is running suuuuuuper slow right now, I’m guessing because of the amount of people trying to get there, but there is their e-mail statement that you can see.

From that statement:

Today we have published a statement about the sad closure of our company.

As we say in the statement, we regret any losses incurred by anyone associated with our company.

Throughout the years that we have traded, we have prided ourselves on the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction. This has been delivered consistently and is evidenced though annual customer research. We are keen to hear from anyone who has an interest in acquiring either stock, assets or the business.

Small update: Got the site to load. Here’s what the statement there has to say:

The following statement is issued today, Friday 25th August 2017.

Following a prolonged period of challenging trading and despite the directors’ best efforts to manage through, Rebel Publishing Ltd was unable to continue to trade and the directors have taken the difficult decision to cease. All members of staff were made redundant.

The company, which traded as Spartan Games, is a Somerset, UK based provider of tabletop miniature games which include

Uncharted Seas, a fantasy naval combat game (now retired)
Firestorm Armada, an exciting space combat game featuring highly detailed starship models
Dystopian Legions, a game based in the world of Dystopian Wars using highly detailed 32mm scale figures and vehicles (now retired)
Dystopian Wars– an exciting journey in a Victorian sci-fi world encompassing naval combat, ground warfare and aerial combat.
Spartan Scenics – a range of detailed and easily assembled wargames terrain.

Rebel Publishing Ltd was formed in July 2002 and traded successfully for a number of years. Spartan Games was launched in 2008 and grew rapidly. However, the tabletop games market is challenging and has changed over recent years, and suppliers are predominantly a small number of large well-known names and several small, cottage industry, type businesses.

Initially the business outsourced production but following quality control and production management issues, manufacturing was moved in house between 2009 and 2011. Over this time and since, significant investment was made into machinery and infrastructure. The business also expanded to provide models for a well known video game, moving this into the tabletop games arena. However, significant new development costs, timing issues and the deflection of management time from the core games brands resulted in a significant trading loss for 2015/6. The business was able to continue to trade by raising additional finance and refocusing on core brands, and direct / online trading improved significantly. Results for 2016/17 were significantly improved.

However, despite this it continued to encounter challenging trading conditions and it became clear this month that the company could not continue to service its liabilities, particularly given the burden imposed by the amounts owing to finance companies.

The company was in the process of running a Kickstarter project to raise funds for expansion of one of its successful product lines. This was well supported and positive feedback on the new products was given showing the popularity of the product line and ongoing demand. However, this does not, unfortunately, provide the full range of success and resources needed to sustain the business.

In addition to challenging trading issues, one of the directors has suffered from a long period of poor health which became significantly more serious earlier this year and although now back in the business, requires ongoing treatment. That has inevitably taken a toll on the amount of time available to the business so, along with other challenges, has significantly contributed to this difficult decision.

The directors are extremely saddened by this decision and particularly regret any losses incurred by employees, customers, suppliers or other trading partners. The directors fully committed their time, energy and personal resources to effect a turnaround. Employees will receive redundancy payments through state funds and although efforts have been made to fulfil customer orders, it is hoped that anyone who does not receive their goods will be able to redeem their payments through their credit card or PayPal.

If customers have made a deposit or paid for goods or services by credit or debit card and the goods or services are not going to be received by the due date, they may be able to get their money back by claiming a refund from their card issuer. They should contact their card issuer as soon as possible. Further information including time limits that apply is available from the UK Cards Association: Credit and debit cards: A consumer guide. Similar schemes exist in other countries.

Throughout the years that Spartan Games has traded, it has prided itself on the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction. This has been delivered consistently and is evidenced though annual customer research that the company has undertaken.

We would encourage anybody who may be interested in acquiring either stock, assets or the business to make contact as soon as possible. Spartan Games and its product lines have a strong reputation in its markets together with an asset base which may be of interest to a number of parties, and a variety of machinery in addition to Intellectual Property.

E-mail Source
Spartan Games Website

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  • Sam Justice

    ): well now I’m sad.

  • ZeeLobby

    Sad, but expected. I never saw any of their systems being played locally, and attendance at the major non-specific events was almost non-existant.

    • DB

      Halo tabletop games have had a very bad go of it. First Wizkids, now this…but then, Spartan Games’ support hasn’t been very good.

      They have always been juggling quite a lot of lines.

  • Davos Seaworth

    Wow. I know they caught a lot of hell from their fanbase about making games they subsequently didn’t support well, but they were still a pretty major player in their space. I guess this means the Halo games are kaput as well.

  • David McLeod

    This really is bad. Every game company that closes is a loss to the gaming community.

  • Trelink

    Oh man. Loved the Dystopian Wars models. Nothing else like that out there. And Firestorm Armada is hands down the best line of spaceship models on the market. I was an early bidder on both their Kickstarters, including the one that was just cancelled, and I had a number of direct orders from them. Always sterling service if some part was missing. Really sad news.

    • Rich McGee

      My experience with them was less positive. Over half the boxed sets I got from them were mispacked and/or miscast, and while I did eventually get the problems fixed it took multiple attempts in several cases. They were not especially quick about doing so and the simple fact that they had so many problems tells me their quality control was not up to par. Their departure is sad but unsurprising to me – hopefully their minis get picked up by a company that can do a better job of manufacturing, packing, and distributing them.

  • anonymous

    I don’t like seeing TableTopGamingnews go… I loved all of there games and am very sad to see them go. However if you are looking for a new community to move to check out I’ve been with there blog since they started up and find it really enjoyable.

  • Robert Armstrong

    Good news, it seems, in an email I got a few minutes ago :

    We have some great news from Warcradle Studios!

    We are proud to announce that we have acquired all rights and materials relating to the Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas settings.

    Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Armoured Clash, Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall and Uncharted Seas were created by the team at Spartan Games and we are excited to now be able to explore these settings further. We will also be developing and expanding on a large number of exciting scenic products to support these ranges.

    We are actively working to bring the games to a wide audience from next year. Through Warcradle Studios, Wayland Games will be investing in all aspects of the design, development and supply of these worlds.

    We are committed to producing an exciting range of new plastic and resin miniatures to support the growth of our games. These will build on the established releases as well as introduce new narrative and competitive gaming opportunities.

    We are planning in-store organised play support for our games as well as a range of exciting events planned throughout 2018 and beyond.

    Look out for our announcements of new products and show attendance in the coming weeks!

    Take a look at our announcement on Beasts of War!