Spartan Games carrying cases from Battlefoam

By tgn_admin
In Accessories
Mar 13th, 2011

Beasts of War have photos of upcoming Spartan Games carrying cases from Battelfoam.

  • Riquende

    One week after I carefully design and order a custom case from KR for my US fleets!

    Ah well, good news nonetheless.

  • Borzag

    I hear ya Riquende. I got some 40mm Mini-Soft trays for my US fleet at the end of last year and just had this sprung at me…. it’s handy as I have a lot of larger minis I can store there, but yeesh talk about hindsight.

    But yes, damn good cases 🙂 people with soft-top cases, how well do they travel (I’m thinking planes specifically)?