SOTCW Journal 68 is out

Issue 68 of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers’ Journal is now available.

From their announcement:

Journal 68 has begun distribution. Mark Wheeler is hoping to have the entire print run in the post by Friday18/12, so with luck everyone should still get their copy before Christmas depending on the mail.

J68 is fatter than usual, with a bumper 64 packed pages. The main reason for this is our return to the “themed issue” format so I could publish Alan Hamilton’s excellent Iraq ’41 stuff all in one place. I honestly feel to have split up this collection of articles and scenarios would not have been right, so petitioned Mark Wheeler our esteemed treasurer to have some extra pages in this issue, to allow me a little flexibility in providing a mix of stuff for the rest of the magazine.

For the rest of this issue you get – A scenario set in Afghanistan 2006, another set in Vietnam 1968; an interesting idea on WWI trench raids by the Toofatlardies, Richard Clarke; we finish off with some airwar scenarios involving Germany’s Eastern Front allies (with no less than six (6) different actions.). So if your counting, including Alan’s Iraq’41 stuff, that’s twelve tabletop scenarios covering 1917 – 2006, not bad I think you’ll agree.

On top of these we have a selection of interesting articles on subjects as varied as – US Naval crews at Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1914; Converting Plastic Figures and an account of service in Somalia with 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Army in 1993, a walk around the Troupes de Marine museum in Frejus, France and some more naval stuff off that stalwart Rob Morgan; plus all the usual review columns too.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to The Journal throughout this year and wish every member a Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year, Felix Navidad – Richard B.