Someone impersonating Reaper is trolling for Credit Card Numbers

By Polar_Bear
In News
Sep 16th, 2013

Reaper Miniatures has found out that someone is going around, posing as Reaper Support and is asking for people’s credit card numbers. Don’t trust those e-mails!


From the announcement:

If you receive an email from [email protected] asking you for additional credit card information, this is a phish. DO NOT REPLY! We do not have a [email protected] address so it is not actually coming from us. Someone is trying to rip you off!

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  • Gallant

    Still better than GW.

    • Bobofreak

      Not True and not needed.

      Thanks to Reaper for the announcement

      • Soulfinger

        Thanks for pointing out that it wasn’t true. Gallant had me all confused.

  • Soulfinger

    It’s probably this Jaffe Joffer person I’ve been dealing with in Nigeria. He’s all like, “Hey buddy, I represent the Nigerian branch of Games Workshop, and we are brokering product exchanges to ensure better pricing for our American and Australian companies, but we have nobody to manage our finances and warehouse space in the United States.” I dunno. Something about me giving him my bank account information, and I get GW stuff at cost and become an honorary Nigerian Prince (not royalty, more like the musician ‘Prince’). Turns out, all I got was a bunch of old Silent Death minis and these worn out, Dutch language supplements for the Elf Quest RPG.

  • twolf29

    Hey, some of the Silent Death stuff can be hard to find nowadays. But best of luck with the Elf Quest, Your Majesty.