Some more info about The Others

The Others are coming. Here’s some info to prepare you.

Dr Gan


From the update:

We received many messages and questions. So here some answers:

– The material of the miniatures will be PVC. Dust Studio of Paolo Parente will be responsible of the manufacturing, the mold tooling and the quality control. His experience and his presence in Asia will assure an outstanding quality.

– We have many many great names on the project the best sculptors available in the market and a team of incredible and talented artists: Adrian Smith (the master behind the creation of the 7 Sins), Karl and Stefan Kopinski, Paolo Parente, Richard Wright, Jacopo Camagni, Miguel Coimbra and Georges Clarenko. You will not be disappointed by such an incredible team!

– The boardgame will be designed by Eric M. Lang (Chaos in the old world, Quarriors, Marvel Dice Masters and many other incredible titles)

– The game will be published in 2015, but at Gencon 2014 we will be able to show a large part of the work so far created.

Finally meet Dr Gan one central figure of our universe. He is not a good guy if you have some doubts! Adrian made, as usual an amazing and incredible piece of art!

  • surprize

    Interesting to see Studio McVey branching out in another direction. I might be interested in any associated resin models they produce. Not touching another KS from them though after the disappointment of Sedition Wars. KS are all about trusting the people to deliver, and I’ve got no trust their models will be all that is promised (“outstanding quality”, “best sculptors available”). I’m a wargamer and model painter first and foremost and I think this project will likely appeal more to board-gamers and model collectors.

    • 4tonmantis

      Because the KS’s problems were due to Studio McVey.. oh wait.. that was largely CMoN.

      • odinsgrandson

        Oh- is this one going to be a non-CMON game from two companies that publish with CMON?

      • grimbergen

        Just as loud in the uproar were the rules/scenarios issues, and those are definitely not CMON’s, or the fact that they’re still missing the last campaign that was promised.

        SedWar was also the only CMON product I — along with many others — received with warped boards. I’ve now taken delivery of over 8 boardgames from CMON and no other had that problem. Could just be a bad print run, but seeing as how zombicide came before and had no issues with the board this was never explained.

        • blkdymnd

          Rivet Wars boards were pretty badly warped for a lot of people

          • grimbergen

            Ah, I hadn’t kept up with Rivet Wars forums/complaints. I got 2 sets and they were fine.

        • 4tonmantis

          My boards aren’t warped, but I got my BfA box commercially..

  • madzerker

    yep pvc sounds like the same material as sedition wars. you would think they would have learned, won’t touch any game no matter how nice the minis are with that material

    • 4tonmantis

      PVC is not what they used in the SW1 boxed set.. that’s Restic.

      PVC is like the stuff FFG uses on the Star Wars ships. I think the pre-painted Confrontation figures might be PVC as well.

      • odinsgrandson

        I think it might be the stuff Super Dungeon uses (except for the core box).

        I’m not totally sure about that, though.

      • Restic is PVC.

        Which is what privateer, reaper, mantic, board games, Etc use.

        Polystyrene is the stuff you get on sprues from GW, WGF, and Mantic.

        • grimbergen

          Not all of Mantic is polystyrene — deadzone comes in the dreaded restic, or if not that, the same crappy hard to clean material that comes pre-cut off the sprue like SedWar.

          • blkdymnd

            If it’s Restic, I’m out. Which is interesting if it is restic, because it’s mentioned that Paolo Parente is manufacturing for it. Dust uses a softer boardgame type plastic for its soldiers and ploystyrene for vehicles, so with good plastics on hand, it’d be interesting to see them use restic instead. I’ll pay more for quality plastic.

          • Note I listed Mantic under PVC as well as polystyrene.

            Is it on a sprue? It’s likely Polystyrene (Sometimes it’s ABS). Otherwise it’s likely PVC.

            There is no such thing as ‘Restic’, that was marketing BS.

            PVC comes in a few variety of mixtures, ranging from hard as the pipes in your home to the bendy softness of Reaper Bones.

          • grimbergen

            Yeah, not that thrilled with Dust plastics. They work OK since the minis are a lot bigger, maybe 40mm? Haven’t measured them. But at 32mm or even 35mm they may not have the detail or even strength to maintain proper shapes for regular weapons. That is, of course, if they intend to keep the same scale as other McVey minis.

          • odinsgrandson

            Other McVey minis are not to scale with one another.
            Each of their lines is in a different scale (the LE resins are larger than the SW minis).

          • odinsgrandson

            Ok. Well, then I honestly can say that it will depend on the mix they use.

            I have in front of me right now some of the metal and plastic carniveans from Privateer Press- and the translation went very well.

            It might be as simple as going with a different producer with the same material, but that might be enough.

        • 4tonmantis

          Pretty sure the two are different.. just really similar in many properties. As a point of fact, I think Mantic (or another company) went out of their way to explain the differences in a recent kickstarter where PVC was the weapon of choice vs restic.

          • odinsgrandson

            Huh. I know for sure that ‘restic’ was made up as a marketing tool (it is absolutely plastic and not in any way resin).

            However, I don’t know exactly what ‘restic’ is supposed to mean. It might need to be a very specific PVC mix (because there is a ton of space between Bones plastic and harder PVC mixes).

  • odinsgrandson

    I can’t remember which kind of plastic is which anymore.

    I could do with a “this is the plastic Privateer Press uses” or Wyrd, Reaper, Soda Pop etc.

    • surprize

      I don’t think anyone knows! To be fair it is only an issue with KS, as you rely on some marketing nonsense and spin to try and figure out whether what you will be getting is like PP models, like Bones, etc etc. If it is a regular product you can buy a test piece, or ask someone in your local store, or look on the internet for reviews of what a model material is like before buying a lot.

    • tuco

      Yeah, it’s kind of a pain when there’s no product yet and the manufacturer/KS producer won’t state plainly what the material is. Most people don’t have a background in plastic types, and even if you do, there are variations in density as pointed out above by On The Lamb Games. A quick statement that it’s “similar to X” would go a long way.

  • odinsgrandson

    By the way, have they said that they’ll kickstart it?

    It just seems like if they want to release it in 2015, they need to be doing a kickstarter pretty soon.

    If this is just going to be a normal release, then that’d be awesome (we don’t see enough of those around).