Some more info about The Others

The Others are coming. Here’s some info to prepare you.

Dr Gan


From the update:

We received many messages and questions. So here some answers:

– The material of the miniatures will be PVC. Dust Studio of Paolo Parente will be responsible of the manufacturing, the mold tooling and the quality control. His experience and his presence in Asia will assure an outstanding quality.

– We have many many great names on the project the best sculptors available in the market and a team of incredible and talented artists: Adrian Smith (the master behind the creation of the 7 Sins), Karl and Stefan Kopinski, Paolo Parente, Richard Wright, Jacopo Camagni, Miguel Coimbra and Georges Clarenko. You will not be disappointed by such an incredible team!

– The boardgame will be designed by Eric M. Lang (Chaos in the old world, Quarriors, Marvel Dice Masters and many other incredible titles)

– The game will be published in 2015, but at Gencon 2014 we will be able to show a large part of the work so far created.

Finally meet Dr Gan one central figure of our universe. He is not a good guy if you have some doubts! Adrian made, as usual an amazing and incredible piece of art!