Sol’una Tactical RPG/Minis Game up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Oct 20th, 2014

Sol’una has launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund their new sci-fi, tactical RPG and miniatures skirmish game.



From the campaign:

After re-sourcing production and distribution to North America (shipping included in pledge for USA backers), Sol’una Tactical Role Play is now launching its Kickstarter project! Sol’una is a science-fiction tabletop wargame and RPG combat system accompanied by a range of 32mm miniatures.

Featuring resource management, simultaneous activation and a unique combat/task system (including special power up attacks), players select, customise and pit their forces against each other for domination of the Myriad Empires.

Our target goal, $20,000AUD (approx. 17,600USD) funds the printing and artwork of the 200pp+ rulebook and eight high quality miniatures. Stretch goals will release multi-pose squad miniatures.

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  • shiny

    Things are happening so fast those women can’t keep their clothes on!

    I’ll just presume that’s an aspect of the game.

  • txMaddog

    Well if they are using the old EverQuest rule of female armor (the less there is the higher the armor) these are probably the party tanks. 🙂

    All kidding aside the artwork for Sol’una is stunning!! And I’m a rules Magpie so will probably back it.

  • Something strikes me as incredibly odd.

    The campaign is in AUD, as are all of the prices.

    The creator is located in Ann Arbor, MI and shipping is free in the continental US… So why would they want to do everything in AUD?

    • Helljin

      Didn’t the guy from the Upfront debacle bugger off to Australia to keep out of reach from the US legal system?

    • Dewbakuk

      Can’t speak for this particular one but this has come up several times on Kickstarter. Usually it’s because the person running it is a citizen of another country but lives in the US. Kickstarter won’t let you do one in a currency ‘not your own’ anymore.

  • Helljin

    Space Fairies?

  • hithero

    $45 for 4 figs, free shipping in the US and an unknown amount for the EU – will give this one a wide berth.

  • blkdymnd

    The 3d concepts are not particularly amazing either

  • Grim6

    Yeah. These designers somehow discovered my one internet weakness: hawt womens spilling out of their dresses. I clicked. Then was hit with a wave of Meh.

  • Aksakal

    We’re in the US for its market size and remove international postage from Australia – but, unfortunately have to keep it an ‘australian kickstarter’ project due to US kickstarter & amazon ‘citizenship’ rules.

    Heaps more quality artwork will go into the rulebook and we’re working with a 3D printer & caster that just blows the shapeways prototypes away.

    • riftsinger

      so show me some of those so i got an idea what wound be spending my money on untill then i dont think so pass