Soda Pop’s Sebastian Cross now available

Soda Pop Miniatures have released their Sebastian Cross miniature.

Sebastian Cross

From their announcement:

Soda Pop Miniatures is proud to announce that our third Relic Knight, Sebastian Cross and his cypher, Rook are now available at the Soda Pop Store.

Our talented painter Vesa Makela did a fantastic job bring Jacques’ sculpture to life and we have larger pictures for your viewing pleasure on his character page.

Sebastian is so big that Vesa had to make up a special base from a normal 50mm. We decided then and there that we needed to make Sebastian his own 80mm resin base. Also because of Sebastian’s size we elected to have him partially cast in resin. Smaller pieces that we felt would be prone to breaking in resin are metal cast, while the bigger, bulkier, parts are resin.

The end result, we’re sure you’ll agree is an absolutely stunning miniature that will dominate the battlefield and your display case.