Soda Pop previews One Shot sculpt

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Apr 13th, 2011

One ShotSoda Pop Miniatures have posted a preview of the sculpt for their upcoming One Shot Relic Knight figure.

From their announcement:

This week we have a preview of our One Shot “greens”. Sculpted by the talented, Mikh, we’re sure you’ll agree he did an incredible job capturing the art.

One Shot and her cypher, Fritz, will be available next week.

  • Brant

    Oooo, might be the first soda pop mini I pick up.

  • relasine

    I had a chance to see this sculpt at Adepticon, and it is pretty awesome.

    • Brant

      I really wish I would have just stopped by Adepticon. I live one city over from where it’s held, there’s really no excuse.

  • The painted version from AdeptiCon can be seen here:

  • mathieu

    Gorgeous sculpt by Mikh. I’m glad he isn’t retired any longer 😉

  • vegel

    can I just get the Girl mini? no? oh…

    • blackfang

      Yeah I like the sculpts but I’m not interested in buying any mecha right now.