Soda Pop Miniatures Posts Gen Con Preview

Two weeks from now, we’ll already be into the 2nd day of Gen Con.
… Holy crap do I have a lot to do before then!!! Oy!!!
Various companies are starting to reveal what they will be bringing to the show, and Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures is no different. They give us a look at what they’ll have on hand.

Pretty much every game they make will have some sort of new release for it. Games include: Super Dungeon Explore, Relic Knight, HellDorado, Anima Tactics, DeadFellas, and Angry Sheep. Yes, Angry Sheep. Ninja Division will be the new publisher for the dice game of sheep-stealing.

The show’s almost here. Will we be seeing you at the show?


  • jeff fearnow

    and here I thought Anima Tactics died awhile back?

    • DB

      Ninja Division said they were cancelling it earlier this year. Why they would continue poking at a corpse with a stick when their players have gotten the message 5 months ago is beyond me.

      • Ghool

        Because there’s probably commissioned sculpts coming down the pipe that were paid for months ago?

        That would be my first guess.

        • Odinsgrandson

          I know that the Helldorado line went to distribution through Ninja Division’s online store.

          I wonder if they’re considering doing the same thing with Anima Tactics?

          • Ghool

            I’m pretty sure Anima Tactics is being discontinued all together.

          • Odinsgrandson

            Yeah, that’s definitely what they said.

            What I’m saying is this might represent backtracking on that- and it might not.