Soda Pop is a big tease with Super Dungeon Explore!

By Polar_Bear
In News
Mar 6th, 2012

Soda Pop teases us with just a small snippet of artwork for Super Dungeon Explore! What is it? Nobody that hasn’t signed an NDA knows. And obviously those that have, aren’t telling… it’s sort of the “N” in NDA.

The big teases!

…and since its not fair to make you wait… our evil genius’s would instead like to make you guess. 🙂

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  • Let the burnination begin! Really excited for any addition to SDE!

  • CMON-David

    Is it charmander?

    • Jeremy

      My guess would be Entei and Blaziken. =)

  • I didn’t quite understand, based on this snippet, that it was an expansion. I just thought it was a teaser for more artwork????