So two miniatures walk into a Bar…

By Polar_Bear
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May 5th, 2014

LaserCutCard has released their second Futurehab terrain piece. This one’s the corner bar.

The Corner Bar


From the release:

A place where everybody knows your name… even if the bartender is a robot.

This is a single-level entertainment venue from the seedier side of Neo Tokyo (or below the cloud cover on Coruscant)

It is made from 1mm heavy card and comes supplied unassembled and unpainted in an A4 flat pack.

Once constructed it can be stored by stacking the components inside one another to save space.

The outer walls are removable to allow models to move inside.

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  • Veritas

    Pachinko parlors are gambling establishments and not bars. No alcohol. Seems the creator might not have done his homework on the imagery he was using.

  • LaserCutCard

    I believe your information is out of date. Alcohol was legalised in all Pachinko parlours in 2028 😉

    • Soulfinger

      Like with the hardware store opium dens and Pizza Hut brothels. The future is all about synergy.

      • AccessDenied

        Makes sense. You want to keep your energy up in a brothel.

        And George Costanza would be in heaven there.