SmogCon UK Posts Convention Information

SmogCon UK warmachine and Hordes Gaming convention tickets on sale:

From their announcement:

SmogCon, a new UK Warmachine and Hordes three day convention explodes onto the gaming scene with three days of steam powered, fury stacked play.

The event will host a number of competitive events, leading to a Sunday masters play off, covering hardcore, steamroller and some more… unusual events. All winners will recieve one of a very small number of limited edition SmogDice, with all participants earning a standard SmogDice.

If you are a more casual player, the SmogPit will run through all three days, giving you the chance to have open and friendly games with others at the event. However, the SmogPit will also allow you to win honour for your chosen faction as we tally all the results from the weekend to see which faction gains control of the Thornwood (for now at least). Each session will also earn you one of the standard SmogDice.

For the painters among us there are three different events of note. Firstly, we will be holding the first SmogCon masters painting competitions. With four catagories there should be something for all keen painters to inspire them to participate. Winners of the event will recieve a ltd edition SmogDice.

If you are up for some frantic painting, there will be a series of speed painting rounds, leading to a Sunday final to find who is the best painter under the strict time pressures of a speed paint. Winners of the final will earn a limited edition SmogDice.

Finally, we are lucky to have three sessions of open painting which will be held under the expert eye of several Golden Demon winners (and maybe even a surprise special guest).

The event is shaping upto be unlike anything else currently offered in the UK with all night gaming, painting and general warmachine and hordes goodness. Plus SmogDice!

Initially there will be only 80 tickets on sale. Please read the rules pack for the full details as there are a variety of formats, events and games to consider. Once you have bought and recieved confirmation of your ticket, please contact us to register which events you wish to participate in.

Each ticket entitles you to:

2x Competitive event places

1x Speed Painting ticket Entry to the Masters Painting Unlimited SmogPit (tables are limited, sign up to follow).

Tickets cost £30.

Contact details: or

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