Smog the Thirteenth Hour : what’s in the box

By tgn_admin
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May 5th, 2011

Smart Max have posted photos of the contents of their Smog the Thirteenth Hour game.

Smog the Thirteenth Hour

From their website:

Smog, the Thirteenth Hour is a fast paced skirmish boardgame that takes you to the Victorian Capital.

Assemble a league of your 3 to 6 favourite extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen and fight your opponents’ leagues in a challenge with London herself.

Its simple rules make Smog, the Thirteenth Hour a fast and easy to board game, whereas its unique 88 action cards set and wide range of original characters make Smog as instinctive as tactical.

The box contains :

  • 110 gaming cards
  • a 72 pages rulebbok
  • a gaming area
  • Tokens & Initiative Table

  • i want!

  • Veritas

    From their press releases my only concern is the quality of their translation. I hope they hired a professional translator.

  • papasmrf667

    I want to see a video review of the game or hear a rules overview or something, I am very interested in this game, just not all that willing to take the plunge.

  • I want to jump in and order but shipping will cost as much as the game itself!!

    • Zac

      They announced reduced shipping costs some time ago so you might want to check their website out

      • Already checked still 20 Euro shipping to the states.

  • Didn’t they demo this at Salute? Did anyone give it a try?

    I’ve been waiting ages for this game but still would like to know how it plays

  • Nosaj Verush

    Yes, please, anyone with info about this game, please provide it. I contacted the manufacturer but have not heard back. Love the minis, but not sure I want to take the leap without at least knowing something about the game.

  • keltheos

    Is it true you can play it without the miniatures?

    I looove them so much, but they’ll break the bank as play pieces for a boardgame.

  • cadwe

    Hi all!

    I tried the game^^
    Firs of all, you can play it without the minis. 8 tokens are in the box for people who prefer that option

    What do you nead to know about the game?
    No dice, the game works with cards.
    Moving works by squares on the board
    3-6 minis per game. And you can have a nice game with 3 minis, no problem