• papasmrf667

    alright awesome!
    Off to give these a read thanks smartmax

  • blkdymnd

    Very cool, non dice system. Good interactive cardplay. Wish the models were cheaper, but the sculpts are exquisite, so I understand.

  • Morf

    The ruleset looks very good. Pdf loads up great on PC, but not on iPad. Anybody else have similar problem?

    • blkdymnd

      I had no issues loading on my Xoom.

      • Zac

        I have files that open properly on my Mac but don’t work on my iPad so I suspect that there is something specific about the PDF reader engine in iOS that is causing the issue.

        It specifically looks like a flattening issue.

    • Zac

      I suspect that the PDF hasn’t been flattened.

      Open it in your favourite PDF viewer and do as “Save As…” and save with a new file name. There should be an option to flatten it.

      If you are using a Mac just open it in Preview and “Save As…” and it will flatten it automatically.

      A lot of companies are having issues saving files that can be viewed correctly on the iPad.

  • Nosaj Verush

    It’s great that they did this. The translation is rough. Has anyone tried the rules out a bit?

    • cadwe

      Yup! me!
      if you have any questions, don’t hesitate, i’ll do my best to answer

  • SMax Cedric

    Thank you for your enthusiasm 🙂

    We really hope you will enjoy playing Smog as much as we did designing it.

    We are aware that the pricing is really high for those of you who live in North America or in the United Kingdom. Two reasons to that :
    1) the exchange rate between the Euro and the US$ (or the UK£) currencies is terrible. 2) the French postal service (La Poste) is a unionized monopoly that has to feed 300 000 employees-for-life. Their pricing are the most expensive worldwide I think.

    Yet, this puts a lot of pression on us to give you our best in terms of quality and originality. We hope that it will be worth the extra buck (or quid) 😀

    SMax Ced

  • Nosaj Verush

    Thanks Cedric for your personal touch here. It is the thing that pushed me to buy now. Companies who care earn my business every time.