Smog, the Thirteenth Hour pre-orders

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Apr 27th, 2011

Smart Max is now accepting pre-orders for their Smog, the Thirteenth Hour rules.

Smog, the Thirteenth Hour

From their announcement:

Many news at Smart Max this week :

First of all, the Smart Max online store is now taking preorder for the game Smog, the Thirteenth Hour.

Then, we are glad to introduce you to Lord Holmes, the already famous imperial assassin from our Smog, a Victorian Fantasy range.

And last but not least, a good news for our European & North American customers : the shipping rates of our online store have been significantly revised to allow you to fully profit by the release of the game.

  • Those figs look huge, what scale is this?

  • unihead

    54mm. It’s the Mutant Chronicles debacle all over again! Such a shame this isn’t 28mm.

    • Zac

      Don’t think it is the same thing at all. Smart Max sell a lot of minis. They are working on a game to support an existing range of figures unlike FFG which just picked an odd size for the new game and new line of figures.

      • unihead

        It was a silly thing to say – apology below. ­čÖé

  • Im fine with that scale, the figs look great and the price isnt bad for that size. Terrain is a problem though.

    • Lemminkaeinen

      AFAIK it’s a board game with cardboard tiles (customizable board).

      • ooooohh. Are there any pics of the board? How is it purchased?

  • yamaneko

    They’re not 54mm; they’re 1/35 scale, which is equivalent to 46mm-sized models.

  • From all the previews that they have done on FB the game looks great.

  • We worked so hard on this range, I’m glad the game is finally released !

    unihead, how dare you compare this to the Mutant Chronicles prepainted era, this is outrageous ! ­čÖé

  • unihead

    I apologise, that was an over-the-top comparison, I admit. I’m just so frustrated because I admire the figures and the love the genre so much, but they’re just completely unaffordable for Australian buyers. AUD$30 to $40 a miniature, and that’s before shipping. If they were standard size and anywhere near normal miniatures price, I’d be buying them with abandon …

    I wish you guys luck though, they’re the most original and well-designed figs I’ve seen in some time. Sigh.

    • Check Maelstrom… they carry the Smog line and offer free shipping worldwide. The miniatures itself aren’t cheap but at least you’ll be saving on shipping.

      • unihead

        Thanks. Shipping is an added cost but – that was $30 to $40 per miniature. Just insane. A full boxed game here is $60 to $100.

        I know they’re very high quality but I would never pay that kind of money for a single mini.

        Thanks for pointing out Maelstrom though, excellent!

  • papasmrf667

    Oh I would love to play this everything looks great, but shipping to america doubles the cost of the rules.

    • Zac

      Have you checked their website recently? In the news item they specifically mention reducing the price of shipping.

  • papasmrf667

    Here is their revised shipping

    United States & Canada (Insured & Tracked 4 to 8 days delivery) :

    Orders up to 49,99 ÔéČuros : 20 ÔéČuros
    Orders between 50 and 74,99 ÔéČuros : 15 ÔéČuros
    Orders between 75 and 99,99 ÔéČuros : 10 ÔéČuros
    Orders from 100 ÔéČuros : FREE

    So not bad if you are getting several figures along with it I suppose.

  • Do they have any shots of the inside of the book and what the board looks like?

    @papa let me know if you want to split shipping as I want to order the game as well but shipping is a bit much.

  • Morf

    I would like to see some basic write up – can I buy any 3 models to play? I’d gladly give the free shipping a go if I only knew which miniatures can be fielded together.

    • Same. Who can team up with who?

      • cadwe

        for now, everyone can team up with everyone. There will surely be advanced rules for factions, but at launch, play what you like^^

  • papasmrf667

    @ Darkson, I want to wait and read a review I think, but I am interested.

    The game factions and fluff are located here, just click on the English version unless you can read French.

  • @unihead : no offense taken, pal. I knew you were just venting ­čÖé

  • Any word on game mechanics yet?

    • cadwe

      I’ve played the game, so if you have any questions, post them here and i’ll try to answer^^

  • Check out their Facebook page. Loads of card images and rules.