Smart Max release new Smog Character

The Marquis of CarabasSmart Max have released the Marquis of Carabas figure as part of their SMOG range of Victorian Sci-fi figures.

From their announcement:
Extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen,

As the game in now being translated, we are glad to introduce you to our latest character from Smog, a Victorian Fantasy.

The Marquis of Carabas

Brought by the Queen Titania to defend Buckingham Palace at the head of his regiment of Elven Hussars, the Marquis of Carabas is a haughty and disdainful officer. Yet, his sole presence is disturbing enough to muzzle most members of the Imperial Court.
Intensely obnoxious, his temper makes him a real scourge to that society where appearances and impassive coldness are the only sacred rules. Nonetheless, he sometimes deigns to help members of the Club overrun by hostile forces.