Slap Miniatures launches Pewter Ponies Kickstarter campaign

Slap Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to produce pewter pony miniatures for tabletop gaming.


From the campaign:

Help us at Slap Miniatures to create a magical collection of hand-crafted miniature, mystical ponies that will represent a fantasy race of intellectual equines for you to command in your table-top games.

  • jedijon

    Wow, I bet Impact! is pissed.

    • odinsgrandson

      Nah, Impact! make so many minis that are compatible with other people’s styles or games, I really don’t think they’d care that much about something like this.

      And while these guys are introducing variety, I honestly think Impacts sculpts look better.

      So I’ll be giving it a pass. Especially since I already have some of Impact’s ponies that I need go get to painting.

      • grimbergen

        Well the impact stuff is more chibi styled and fashioned like the recent FIM reboot.

        This KS looks like more traditional styling so the bronies will be less interested.

  • I read pewter pooies. Even if something IS wrong with me, that logo/text is terrible.
    I will however recommend this KS to friend who’s kids are getting into painting…

    @odinsgrandson yeah the Impact pony looks better because it looks “official”…

  • Sejanus

    Watch how fast the lawsuit gets filed from Hasbro

  • I think the awesome thing about our industry is that it is big enough for two companies to try this.

  • jedijon

    Well, I wouldn’t consider that AWESOME – but – okay. You could just buy some my little ponies. And then you could brush their hair too. This is pretty close to the origin on the imagination / originality axis.