Skycover on the way

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 21st, 2014

Puppets War is showing off the 3D render of a new aircraft model they’re working on.


From the preview:

We’ve been working on some air support lately,
what do You think?

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  • outerlimitgames

    This looks fantastic, love the detail and styling!

  • smitty

    Good modeling! Who is the sculptor?

  • Darsc Zacal

    That render kind of reminds me of the planes from the old Crimson Skies videogame.

  • It reminds me of a Dodo in spirit. I like the general form of the fuselage, but it’s got that toy like style proportion wise – like it could almost fit the Rivet Wars esthetic. Giving it wings implies it needs them for lift, but they don’t look like they’d provide enough lift. There are real planes with surprisingly small wingspans, but this fuselage with gigantic engine looks way too heavy for them. Then again I feel the same way about most of GW’s flyers for the same reasons.

    Frankly I think it would look better without the wing segments as some kind of sci-fi esque craft.

  • geudens

    ME163… I like it though 🙂

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    could be a bit more slender for my Taste,still very neat looking Aircraft