Skirmisher Publishing releases Heroes and Monsters of the Necropolis paper miniatures

Skirmisher Publishing has some new paper minis available to download that fit perfectly with their Necropolis setting for Kos.


From the release:

“Heroes and Monsters of the Necropolis” is available as a ” Pay What You Want” PDF download through DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. It contains 14 different custom miniatures, four of which are provided in multiple sizes and/or color schemes. They include:

* Paros, Rogue/Alchemist
* Parthenia, Elf Barbarian
* Selene, Half-Elf Cleric
* Pumayo, Tiefling Wizard/Transmuter
* Shade of a Koan Lady
* Nithernos the Ale’er
* Corporal Conrad of the Kos City Guard
* Trodecarn, Dwarf Fighter/Combat Engineer
* Animated Shield
* Mummy/Embalmed Zombie
*“Achilles,” Animated Bronze Statue (in two sizes)
* Sarcophagi (Marble, Wood, and Ornate, in four sizes)
* Kidna, Fiendish Viper Familiar (in two color schemes and three sizes)
* Skeletal Cerberus (in three sizes)

  • The artwork kills it for me. The man in the middle looks crippled from some internal pain/constipation.

    His right hand has his fingers totally disjointed and out of place. His left hand only has three fingers?

    I’m slightly confused by the displayed work and how it fits the idea of the game.

    • cybogoblin

      Maybe he’s the titular Monster of the Necropolis.