Skirmish Virtual Tabletop Up On Kickstarter

I have a semi-regular D&D group that I game with. I say semi-regular because we only get to play once every couple months. It doesn’t help that several of the players moved away for work and so scheduling a weekend where people can drive in can get to be troublesome. We’re playing this weekend because one player who recently moved to Ohio will be back in town. What we really need is a virtual tabletop with which to play our game remotely. Oh, hey, look at that. Skirmish! Entertainment has just such an item over on Kickstarter now.

Granted, you don’t have to be in different parts of the world to use this new tabletop software. It can be used offline to help enhance your get-together groups. The software features three main components: Core software features, Core plug-ins, and a Content library. The Core Features include such things as fog-of-war and a mini-map to help keep track of where everyone is. The Plug-ins are what you can use to customize the software to emulate whatever game system you might be wanting to use. Meanwhile, the Content Library will give you all the tokens, maps, and other extras to make the game neat and organized.

The campaign is up now and is set to run for another 41 days.


  • Maine

    They’ll have a hard time competing with, which already offers most of those features, works via web browser, supports real-time or asynchronous play, supports voice and video, and is free (or only requires the GM to have a premium account to unlock some advanced features).
    Also, the initial amount of money they are seeking is way too low (speaking as a software engineer). I have a feeling they are likely to under-deliver or run into financial troubles long before they have a functional product.

    • Mathew Green

      Well, true, but I guess most of the same could have been said when got a kickstarter. They were competing against well-established d20pro, fantasygrounds… and they actually asked for even a lower sum ($5k if IIRC) and it seems they did well! Who would have thought? ;D Anyway, if their ks page is to be believed they have been working on it for years now, so maybe that’s why, who knows… and when it comes to VTTs I’d say the more the merrier!

      • We have been using Skirmish throughout the beta. We tried Roll20 and there was a lot we disliked, including the inability for it to run under IE6, the UI was a mess and everything run in a browser, which made it slow and clunky compared with what we want (which is use as an active battlemap rather than for remote play). Roll20 has some great tech but it’s markedly different in focus to Skirmish so far; I hope that Skirmish gets the money to develop further as it has lots commend it, even in beta, is different to Roll20 sufficiently to not be competing head to head and has some great plans.