Skaven Bundles And New Book Available To Pre-order from Games Workshop

Cold and flu season might be coming to an end here in the Northern hemisphere, but the plague will soon be spreading out of Nottingham. There’s new Skaven bundles available to pre-order from Games Workshop, along with new novel and Battletome (thats the Age of Sigmar version of a Codex).


The new book features extensive background on all things Skaven. Learn about their search for the 13th Plague, the different Churches of Contagion, and detailed descriptions of all the various monstrous horrors that tend to follow them around (Skaven love experimenting). The book also has two Battleplans, which are rules and scenarios that highlight the Skaven’s abilities. Of course, there’s Warscrolls for all the various Skaven units included as well.


  • Ghool

    Am I losing my mind here? Or, are those actually pretty reasonable prices?
    That’s a good amount of stuff for $200 CAD.

    • DB

      Hum, 35 bucks for the book, which is 88 pages. Mostly fluff. Par for the course for codices and such. Possibly a leeetle less expensive.

      The miniatures in the $175USD set are the same as the Start Collecting set (85 bucks), plus the Verminlord Corruptor (90 dollars), Plague Priest (15 bucks), and 5 Censer Bearers (33 dollars)…so not a bad deal, as they’re basically throwing in the Priest and Censer Bearers. Around 48 dollars worth of goodies added to the deal.

      Not bad, though the Verminlord is very expensive to start with. Yipes.

      • odinsgrandson

        Most of their codecies are $50- with page counts varying wildly- Codex Harliquins is half the size of the Eldar Craftworld ‘dex.

        It looks like they’ve been experimenting with prices ($58 for Space Marines, $41 for some soft cover releases, and most recently $33 for either mechanicus ‘dex).

        I honestly think that cheaper rules are a move in the right direction- $30-35 is the industry standard in rulebook pricing (generally on larger books than GW produces).

        • DB

          The last time I bought a codex was the Imperial Knights one…which probably had the fluff/information ratio that the Skaven book will have. I think it was in the 35 dollar range, but I could be mistaken.

          I can’t see buying a codex for 50-60 dollars. 30-35 is a good range, especially if it’s going to be such an anemic page count.

          • odinsgrandson

            I miss the 2nd ed books for $20 and the 3rd ed books for $15.

            But I agree that $30-35 is the right range for books like this. Imperial Knights is $41 (and one of the cheaper books, though not necessarily shorter).

            The prices on the different books don’t seem to make sense from any sort of production standpoint. Some of the $50 codecies have fewer pages than the cheaper (Harlequins is especially short).

            I can’t even see a pattern over time for the price changes (well- older softcover books are cheaper, I guess).

            I think the Codex Space Marines and Dark Angels are the only ones that are all the way up at $58.

            Maybe that is based on the popularity of the factions? While Codex Space Marines is the largest book at 200 pages, Dark Angels is 160- the same size as the cheaper Craftworld Eldar.

          • DB

            No kidding–the cheaper softback books were great. The hardcover expensive ones, while durable (especially compared to how bad GW binding used to be) and pretty, are way too expensive for the content they have.

            The SM/DA codices are probably because they’re the core faction. Everyone’s going to have some when they buy a boxed set.

            Perhaps the Eternals will be the AoS equivalent. Let’s hope not. They’re pretty dull.

    • Scripts

      Most of the “Get Started” collections are good deals. You are typically getting either the big model included in the get started box or one of the smaller unit as free. Its also including other models you might not be able to get somewhere else, like the Tau ethereal on a hover disk, or the space marine captain.