Sisters of Serens – Fantasy miniatures by Warband Miniatures

Warband Miniatures is running an Indiegogo campaign now in order to get their Sisters of Serens line of fantasy figures produced. Since it’s a fantasy setting, it’s not really “nuns with guns” but more like “nuns with swords and axes and flails.” The minis are multi-piece resin with several weapon options. They’re also offering various tokens and such to go with them. The campaign’s a long one, set to run for another 42 days.

From the campaign:

Warband-miniatures is releasing the first band for its range of skirmish fantasy miniatures.

Warband-Miniatures is a small project dedicated to create a fantasy miniature range. We want to offer alternative designs of complete bands fully compatible with skirmish games of medieval fantasy. The Sisters of Serens is the first band that we want to produce, but we are planning to release many more in the future!


  • The Red Graf

    I love these sculpts, I’m in.

  • crazytuco

    Well, 42 days ought to give GW enough time to work up their cease and desist order on this one.

    • estrus

      GW can rot. Newsflash: There are OTHER games/companies out there.

      • crazytuco

        I’m well aware of that. And my opinion of GW is quite low, I assure you. But you cannot deny that these not only look nearly identical to the Sisters of Sigmar from Mordheim, but they also have very similar names both for the group and for individual models.

        I’m not saying that GW should go after this. My comment was based on their previous behavior combined with the undeniable similarities between these minis and the Sisters of Sigmar from Mordheim.

        • Odinsgrandson

          I can deny that they look nearly identical to the Sisters of Sigmar. It’s pretty easy actually, since they aren’t direct copies of any of GW’s artwork or minis.

          These are clearly warrior Nuns, a concept that was not invented by GW, nor exclusively used by GW- even in the world of miniatures games. Hell, it isn’t even used by GW these days.

          Sure, they’d make good sculpts to use as Sisters of Sigmar in Mordheim, but none of them are direct copies of GW artwork, and don’t contain any elements that GW actually invented (partially because GW invents very few elements with any of their IP).

          Yes, they could send out a C&D, and sue these small people into oblivion, but they also might have learned from the Chapterhouse case that if the small company doesn’t just roll over and die cooperatively, GW are pretty much guaranteed to spend more on the case than they would lose by ignoring this very small company.

  • Warband Miniatures


    I’m the responsible of this Indiegogo campaign I just wanted to thank Tabletop Gaming news for this opportunity.


  • Warband Miniatures

    I know we are still far from the founding objective of the campaign. Too bad… But, to encourage those of you that are still thinking whether to participate or not in our campaign… We have decided to UNLOCK FOR FRRRRRREEE the following stretch goals!!!! Emoticono smile Weapon Sprue 2, Novice 1b and Sister 1b.

    You can get them here:

    That makes a total of 8 miniatures available in the crowdfunding campaign and 7 different miniatures if you choose the 10 Members Warband perk!!!!!