Siouxsie and Diesel, new limited-edition resin model from Studio McVey

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 22nd, 2013

Studio McVey has a new limited-edition resin model available over on their website. Say hello to Siouxsie and Diesel.

From the release:

We are offering customers 10% off their orders with the release of this miniature – all you need to do is spend more than £20 in the store and you’ll get 10% off the entire order. Simply type DIESEL when prompted in the check-out process, and the discount will be applied. All miniatures in the range are eligible!

This discount offer is valid until March 8th 2013.

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  • cama

    This mini would be a perfect starting point for this:


    KelRiever wrote:
    February 21, 2013 at 7:36 pm
    Stop it! My idea for a game was, ‘Zombies are everywhere,’ because in my game, the zombies would be everywhere. And they would be too. See, the problem with games these days is they let the survivors run around, killing zombies. Thereby removing the horror. My game would be THE FIRST ZOMBIES BOARD GAME WITH NO BOARD. What it is, see, is that you set up your survivors, and then you start placing zombies all around the survivors and touching them. There’s like a hundred zombies for each survivor. And what it is, is, if you can fight your way to the edge of the zombies without dying, you win. Because then the zombies are slow and stuff and we all know all survivors would be able to survive in the wilderness because that’s what us people did before zombies. Well at least because we weren’t surrounded by them. All survivors look hot, by the way, and wear belly shirts. Both the women and the men. And some of the zombies have belly shirts too.

    Maybe I should call it, “Belly Shirt zombies are everywhere!”


    • KelRiever

      I am honored.

      Just because this is the internet, I predict someone will actually take my post seriously. Which is definitely a mistake.

      Cama, you should run with this and have a kickstarter before someone else does, in fact. And I’ll buy the first copy.

      • cama


        Deal! First copy is yours, signed by me, with the inscription “Inspired entirely by my pal KelReiver!” 🙂

      • KelRiever

        Really, I am looking forward to being a future game convention celebrity with you. Packing my rolling suitcase full of zombie games as we speak.

        • cama

          Separate rooms.

  • 1voice2many

    I like how no where can you find mention of the actual sculptor. I mean it’s not like they contributed anything.

    • Grindar

      Concepted by Robert Cirillo and sculpted by Yannick Hennebo. It’s on the Studio McVey website, just not the store that this article directly links to.

  • Ghost

    I do not believe that girl is strong enough to hold that dog as depicted.

    • I doubt they were shooting for realism with that piece… or any piece.

      • Soulfinger

        If she is strong enough to hold that atomic bazooka one-handed then I expect she can manage the bull terrier.

        • Ghost

          You are correct to point out my oversight, although I’m not sure you’re helping me suspend my disbelief. Perhaps the devastator is a foam cosplay prop?

          There’s a girl on my street of similar age/build (although with better fashion sense) who walks at a 45 degree angle when she’s with a dog of comparable enthusiasm but half the size. That pitbull (?) straining on it’s hind legs should have pulled her and her heavy weapon flat on her face.

          • I am pretty sure though you might covet the next door girl with the half size dog and ordinary clothing – she’s not as exciting as this miniature version – maybe precisely why most of us enjoy exaggurated features in comics and movies – AND figures…

            The point is you don’t believe because you are looking for a realistic depiction. Obviously this is not the place for that. 😀 Now you’ve got yourself a niche you can kickstart and see if people like it.

          • Ghost

            True, it’s being marketed at fans of the Tank Girl comic and the Escher gang – and that’s a reasonable business angle to take as those fans are still out there. I suspect there is intersection with The Chainmail Bikini crowd, or perhaps I’m being unfair.

            As for my Kickstarter: Initial research suggests females are real. One day I’ll leave my keyboard to investigate further.

          • Soulfinger

            Well, it’s not like the first thing to catch your attention was the flawed bull terrier sculpt. Your thoughts turned to the girl next door. wistful sigh So being unfair to the chainmail bikini crowd . . . perhaps, in truth, you are being unfair to yourself. Then again, my first thought was, “Nice manhole!” but I collect sewage in pots and urns.

          • Ooh, your remark on the manhole (it IS nice btw) made me look closer and I believe I have found the missing bits – or rather the dog is super neutered. This might explain why she is isn’t being brought flat to her face and ups the realism a bit… I’m sure that can be fixed with some putty…

            I am starting to wish someone would make those sewage pots and urns…

            Also – in fairness to Ghost – I would actually buy “boring” minis of real people doing seemingly boring stuff if they were interesting enough. It sounds a bit like a paradox, but I’m sure it’s possible.

  • rsreston

    What a sexy miniature! And it’s hard to find a female miniature with a pretty face at this scale. Beautiful!