Silver Dragon previewed for Tyranny of the Dragons

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jun 5th, 2014

WizKids has posted up some photos of the next dragon for Tyranny of Dragons. This time it’s the Silver dragon.
I know some of you guy’s aren’t excited about this game at all. But personally, I’m totally diggin’ on it.

Silver Dragon


From the preview:

Who’s in the mood for a preview of the silver dragon from the upcoming Tyranny of Dragons miniatures set?

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  • Smokestack

    I am looking forward to this too. I know the paint jobs on the old D&D minis were not great but I still love them. Hope we get some huge and garg sized dragons.

  • Darsc Zacal

    I’d have to see the final minis and the gameplay before making up my mind.

    I like the Wings of War style of gameplay, but I’ve already spent a fair bit on that. Not sure I want to spend more just to play a similar game even if it is dragons.