Silly Kid Games Running The Warriors: Turf War Kickstarter

You may have never seen the movie The Warriors, but there’s a good chance you know bits of it just through pop culture. Street gangs in garish, matching clothing. Secret information given out through radio DJs. And, of course, putting some bottles on your fingers and clanking them together while wanting people to come out and play. Now you can be in charge of your own gang of misfits in The Warriors: Turf War up on Kickstarter now.

The Warriors: Turf War is about one thing: claiming new turf for your gang to call home. This is done over the course of three fights, with the winner being the one that claims more. To claim a bit of turf is simple, eliminate all rival gang members on it. However, the cops aren’t just going to stand by and watch. They’ll be getting into the action as well, and they’ll have to be taken care of, too, if you want to own the turf. Gangs consist of several different types of gang members, from the powerful Warlord whose in charge of things, to the slow but powerful Muscle, to the Artist who will tag the board with your gang’s symbols, making everyone move just a bit faster.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They’re about 1/4 of the way to their goal with still 26 days left on the clock.


  • Davos Seaworth

    Looks interesting & I’ll be following along, but the choice to use 45-54mm miniatures instead of 28-32mm is somewhat baffling.

    • SillyKidGames

      We understand your concern. However for game play we found this size to work best. We want our players to be able to easily and quickly distinguish between each character and the skills they bring to the fight. In addition, these are characters fans of the movie know and love, so the more we can see of each one the better. But we hope you follow us for more updates about this game. And we are happy to answer any more questions or concerns!

      • Ghool

        This looks far from ready. Far from ready a year from now, when it’s supposed to deliver. And very far from even ready to launch.

        Guys, you have 4 scuplts shown. Which are renders. You need a minimum of 16 more. Even if you crank out 4 a month, there’s no way you’re going to be ready for a year delivery date. You’re going to be a year late minimum, and you’re going to piss a lot of people off.

        If it were me, I’d wait 6-8 months so you can have some actual sculpts to show first, and you’ll easily make that 100k. Right now though? You’ll be lucky to make your funding goal when looking at how incomplete this game looks.

        I know you’re probably all pumped, and wanting to hit the ground running. But, with a miniatures based game, you need to be more prepared or you’re going to be facing the wrath of hundreds of pissed backers screaming for refunds in a year when you start announcing delays.

        Sorry guys but you get a ‘No way in hell!’ from me until you show something besides renders at the very least.

        • PRAY FOR MOJO

          The “risks and challenges” section leaving out any risks or challenges isn’t a good sign, either.

        • SKGJustin

          I see your criticisms, and like I mentioned previously I understand your concerns. We have all seen the negative press from KS or even experienced it first hand. If this is giving you red flags, then certainly don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. I do want to clear up any misconceptions though.

          Firstly, we have settled on a size. It is coming with 54mm miniatures, for the exact reasons you mentioned. I am going to change the way that is worded so people don’t think we aren’t sure on the size. 45 is the number of miniatures in the game.

          We have also requested quotes and time frames from many different manufacturers. The one we have settled on has sent us a sample; that image is at the top of the miniatures art on the KS. I have every confidence in their ability to produce on schedule.

          Finally, yes we have almost exclusively renders to show, but we also have a full play through of the game available for you to watch and a full rule book for you to read. The point we’re making is that we do not prescribe to the idea of using KS as a store. That is not what it was intended for and I personally do not back the designers that choose to do that. If I really want that game, I’ll buy it when it’s in stores. We have a thoroughly thought-out plan to produce and a completed game design that has been extensively play tested. The point of our KS is to receive funding so that we can pay our artists to finish the work.

          • Ghool

            I completely understand where you’re coming from, and the points you’re making here.

            But, do understand that I have backed almost 50 projects so far and helped run one for a game company. So, I’m not talking from inexperience, or anecdotal evidence. I would have backed your project, if you would have shown a more complete game. Or at the very least, a prototype that looks like you put some effort into how it’s going to look to your target market – miniatures gamers/board gamers.

            You have almost zero art assets aside from concepts. Why do you not even have a colour prototype? You can make that with foam core, and a colour printer. You are not required to spend a ton of money to make your prototype game look good. All that takes it effort and time. And it’s very clear there has been very little put into that area.

            I know you don’t want to use KS as a store. But, showing me a game with college ruled paper and hand drawn parts is no way to sell me a product with ‘bling’. ie. miniatures.

            Take a look at Far Off Games’ ‘Xia: Legends of a Drift’ campaign for an example of what I mean by completed prototypes. What you have here is not selling me on it at all.

            I assume that’s what you want, right? Instead of trying to defend your decisions, understand that I’m trying to help you here…..I’d like to buy this. But not in the state that it’s in – your marketing for this so far has been very poor.