Siege of Augusta Update

The Siege of Augusta organizers have sent an update about their gaming event in Augusta, Georgia.

From their announcement:

We continue to add players, events and vendors! Siege of Augusta will be presented January 21-23, 2011 in Augusta, Georgia at the Doubletree Hotel 2651 Perimeter Parkway, Augusta, Georgia 30909

Hotel Reservations: (706) 855-8100 Mention that you are with Siege of Augusta

Game registration
Vendor registration

While we are billed as an historical miniatures gaming convention (being sponsored by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society-Mid South), events are not limited exclusively to historically-based games. If you want to host a role-playing, fantasy, science fiction, or other event, you are welcome to sign up and attend. The only genre that we do not host is live-action role-playing (LARP) games due to space considerations. We look forward to ALL GAMERS attending this year’s Siege!
New Games and Events just added:

Warmachine/Hordes Tournament Hosted by Rob Davis

French and Indian War, Brother against Brother, 40mm, MVP Prize
Host Bob Moon
In Spring of 1754, the French began construction of Ft. Boeuf in northeastern Pennsylvania to solidify its expansion into this area. The British sent a force to prevent further works and to burn what was done. To break the Anglo siege, the the French sent a relief force. Would it be successful?

ACW Fire and Fury Regimental 28mm, MVP Prize.
Host Bob Moon
Chickamagua was more a series of desperate struggles between groups in thickets than grand sweeps over which generals of corps or divisions had control. This is such a fight where regiments often acted independently of their brigade command.

French and Indian Canoe Race
Host Dwight Jones
Colonial American Period, French and Indian Naval Rules, 28mm
The Trappers have had a good season, but the Indians want the furs. Can the trappers make it down the river first?

Mermaid Atoll
Host Jessee A. Scarborough
Rules: Biplanes & Battleships – The Great Pacific War, 1931 Scale: 1/6000 ships, Period: Interwar
Description: Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and US Navy cruisers and destroyers skirmish on the Truk-Enewetok axis. Inspired by Hector Bywater’s kick ass book, the game portrays a nighttime naval action from a counterfactual 1931 war in the central Pacific.

Featured Z Man Games
Host Cory Hockman
Duel Of The Giants
Earth Reborn
Mines Of Zavando
Other games will be available for player review with Cory and for purchase from Augusta Book Exchange.

Other Confirmed Games and activities

  • Dirstside 2
  • Starmada
  • Klingon Aramada
  • Stargate RPG
  • D&D 4th Edition
  • Z Man Games Hosted by Cory Hockman
  • Costume Contest
  • Warrior Tournament
  • Alesia Freedom or Death
  • Roberts at Pelwar
  • Dreux
  • When the Navy Walked: Battle at Iker
  • Flames of War Tournament Hosted by CSRA Gamers Association
  • Brushfire Demo Hosted by On the Lambs Games
  • Warhammer 40K Tournament Hosted by HMGS Mid South
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament Hosted by HMGS Mid South
  • Thanks to our Supporting Vendors
  • Supporting Vendors and Organizations
  • Amarillo Design Bureau Prize Pack, One page Add
  • Avalanche Press Games Prizes
  • Urban Mammoth Terrain, and Miniatures for Demos
  • Heroes and Dragons Advertising Siege of Augusta
  • Tyches Games Advertising Siege of Augusta
  • SCARAB Advertising Siege of Augusta
  • HMGS East Advertising Siege of Augusta
  • Jacksonville Garrison Advertising Siege of Augusta
  • Triangle Simulation Society Advertising Siege of Augusta
  • Attending Vendors We have sold 21 of 26 available Tables!
  • On the Lamb Games 2 Tables
  • Armchair General 1 Tables
  • Editions Brokaw 1 Tables
  • Time Portal Hobbies 3 Tables
  • Casting Fool and Son 2 Tables
  • Foxhole Terrain 1 Tables
  • Dwight Jones 2 Tables
  • Under the Eagle 2 Tables
  • Augusta Book Exchange 3 Tables
  • Little Metal Men 3 Tables

Flea Market is Open
Flea Market Tables are available for $15 each for one 4 hour block. The Flea Market will be open from 9AM to 6PM Saturday.