Siege Coming From AEG This Month

AEG has a new game coming out this month that you can put under your tree. It’s called Siege and it puts you in control of your own military as you seek to destroy the enemy. Just make sure your king doesn’t get offed. It’s sort of like Chess like that. Losing your king would be bad.


On your turn, you’ll send your forces to siege an enemy castle. Cards are deployed face-down, so there’s quite a bit of bluffing and guesswork involved. Certain forces are better at attacking and defending versus others, so being able to figure out your opponent’s defenses is crucial.
They’ve got the rulebook posted online, so you can download it and check it out before it hits stores.


  • hvedhrungr

    The fluff piece on the website is half-hearted at best, and the game feels rather flat and uninspired. I will say that the artwork is nice, but really, there are a number of similar games on the market that do the “kill or be killed” shtick better than this. Look no further than Woodlands from Garphill Games, for example.