Shipping soon From Fantasy Flight

Fantasy Flight Games will be shipping the following products in the next few weeks.

  • BL14 BattleLore: The Bearded Brave
  • CS2035 Anima Tactics: Kagemaru
  • CS3035 Anima Tactics: Covel
  • CS3036 Anima Tactics: Raziel Nk-X
  • DT003 Dust Tactics: Battle Grenaiers
  • DT005 Dust Tactics: The Gunners
  • DT006 Dust Tactics: Recon Grenadiers
  • DT007 Dust Tactics: Recon Boys
  • CT33 CoC LCG: Order of the Silver Twilight Lodge Expansion
  • GOT64 AGoT LCG: Of Snakes and Sand Chapter Pack
  • TH02 Tannhauser: Wolf Single Miniature Pack
  • TH07 Tannhauser” Daedalus Expansion
  • TH13 Tannhauser: Asteros Single Miniature Pack
  • TM02 Talisman 4th Edition Revised
  • VA11 Descent: Journeys in the Dark
  • WHC14 Warhammer: Invasion: Bleeding Sun Battle Pack
  • CS3028 Anima Tactics: Legacy of Solomon