Shelly The Gear Tech preview

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Feb 27th, 2011

Battle Miniatures Emporium have posted a preview of one of their new 15mm figures.

Shelly The Gear Tech

From their announcement:

Shelly is another character from The World of Tomorrow Black. This model is also the second completed figure for The QWIK Arena Staff set.

  • Cool little model and wagon, but not impressed by the weird proportions of the tech…too busty and too skinny with the clothes around her bust and her hips.

    I like the idea, though.

  • I had the same thought at first, then I saw the scale. At 15mm, I guess you would have to have some exaggerated proportions to make them visible at table top level. Either way, your right it is a cool concept.


  • Thank you guys!
    Almost everybody is saying she is to thin…I might give her more hip and belly.
    I was going for that long lean Sarah Conner (T2) look.

    The wagon did turn out kinda okay.