Shadowsea – Statue of Elder God available for pre-order

Statue of the Elder GodAntiMatter-Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Statue of Elder God that is part of their Temple of the Ancients terrain piece.

From their announcement:

The statue in the Temple of the Ancients can be pre-ordered by itself now. The pre-order price for the 90mm tall resin cast is $17.99 with $5 shipping worldwide. The statue does not come with the dais underneath it but it does come with plenty of tentacles and a madness inducing stare. The statue will be ready in early May for shipment. visit the blog or website to order.

  • Zac

    Well I for one am glad to see this coming out on its own. Great addition for horror games! It will go nicely with the two plastic Cthulhu figures I have from the FFG bag of Cthulhus.

  • Zac

    Ordered mine today. Really like the look of it and the fact that it isn’t the usual Cthulhu design

  • Borzag

    Can we get the dimensions of this bad boy??? It’d be perfect for pulp games, as well as a painting project on its own. Do very much want 😀

    • Zac

      The figure is 90mm tall