ShadowSea new Expedition Log Entry

AntiMatter Games have posted a new Expidition Log Entry to their ShadowSea game blog.

From their announcement:

“Silvery blue clouds of smoke began to pour up from around the Priest of Yosoth in the temple as the beast ravaged the soldiers, seemingly immune to their muskets and blades. The fanatics joined the battle, charging headlong to attack the captain with knives, fists and teeth. I felled one of them with a pistol shot, but the weapon jammed thereafter, and I had to resort to my trusty cudgel. I struck down another of the frothing heretics and then spied a skulking shape amid the pillars, gesticulating and laughing madly while watching the leaping beast.”

The ShadowSea blog has a new excerpt from an expedition log of Pilny the Aged, describing an assault on a ruined temple and the battle against servants of Yosoth. The log includes a map of the battle and victory conditions.