ShadowSea game blog launched

AntiMatter Games have launched a new blog for the ShadowSea fantasy rules.

Shadowsea logo

From their announcement:

The ShadowSea blog is now launched, with the PDF version of the games rules available to order for $14.99 USD.

ShadowSea is a game of fast-paced miniatures combat using 28mm scale figures, powered by the renowned Song of Blades ruleset from Ganesha Games. A full website for ShadowSea and the publisher, AntiMatter Games, is in production for later in November, along with a printed version of the game. Official miniatures are in production by Cavalcade Wargames under their Dragonblood line.

The ShadowSea rules are packed with 104 pages of action and adventure in a lost underground realm. Six unique forces search for ancient artifacts and golden treasures through crumbling ruins, trap-filled catacombs and underwater citadels. This blog will chronicle the exploits of some of these adventurers and the secrets they discover.